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    I can't fix library item


      InDesign CS6 newbie here.


      I converted some Quark library items to InDesign. I've experienced the issue below on three different library items.


      Each of these library items is a word or words with a 3-pt rule above and a .25-pt rule below. They were originally built with the font Arial Black OTF and included a style called Head Rules AB (for Arial Black).


      When our newspaper converted from Quark 7.5 to InDesign CS6 we reorganized our fonts and, for no special reason, decided to go with Arial Black True Type.


      Of course, when we first used these library items they showed up with missing fonts. My first attempt at a fix involved just changing the font in the library item and resaving it. Didn't work. Still showed up as missing.


      I then did more exploration and thought the font was missing because the OTF font was assigned to the Head Rules AB style sheet. I fixed the style sheet and assigned to all of our page templates.


      The library item still showed up with a missing font. I then checked our Character styles and noticed all the Arial Black-related styles had the wrong Arial Black font. I corrected that issue and rebuilt one of the library items from scratch. When I pull it onto a page it still shows up as the wrong Arial Black font.


      Obviously there is something here I don't understand. If anyone can help, I'd greatly appreciate it.