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    Remotely save files not reflected in web browser

      I have 2 machines in my network, the actual ColdFusion server and then my local development machine. Something strange has started happening within the last week (not sure if its an MS patch or what). Anyway, I have a mapped drive to my CF server which I can open/save files to. When I open one of these files on my local machine and save it, when I go to that page in my browser, I see the old version of the file (before the save). No matter how many times I refresh I see the old version.

      Yes, I have cleared my cache and I am not saving class files on the CF server or caching anything there. The odd thing is that if I go to the actual CF server and open the file there and make any little change and save it, then revisit the page in my browser I now see the updated file.

      It seems that either ColdFusion or the filesystem is not seeing that a file was saved through the network, even though I have confirmed the updated file exists on the server. This is a Windows 2000 server and I am running ColdFusion MX 6.1. Anyone have any ideas on what the problem could be or how to solve it?