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    Selecting a computer and video card for a computer lab.


      I'm in charge of selecting computers for my video production class that I teach. We primarily use Permiere Pro CS6.  


      We have about $1000 to spend for each computer.  Here is what we are looking at so far. 


      HP 800 G1
      PSU 320 (which is bigger than the other options)
      i5 4579
      8gb of ddr3
      128gb ssd


      I would like to get a good graphics card but I want to make sure the PSU can handle it.


      I can get a k600 for around 170, but I'm finding out there are better options for the same price.


      What would you suggest? 


      What card, considering the small PSU?

      Or spend more on RAM or Processor and forget the card?


      Thank you very much!