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    Flash Professional hangs after a period of time, causes Windows to become unresponsive

    patissier9 Level 1

      I've run into a problem where Flash Professional often hangs after a period of time, typically 5-15 minutes after launching it. The problem is occurring on a number of computers in a  lab. It happens about half of the time when Flash Pro is open. The user doesn't actually need to be doing anything in the program; they merely need to have it open. The computers only crash  when Flash Pro is open. If a computer hasn't crashed after 15 minutes, it seems that it never crashes for that session.


      When Flash Pro hangs, Windows labels the window as unresponsive and the GUI stops updating. From this point on the behavior varies: sometimes I am able to alt-tab through other windows but cannot actually do anything, other times the system locks up to the point where I cannot even move the mouse cursor. The systems have never actually bluescreened or displayed an error message, nor has Windows logged any relevant information in Event Viewer. Because this leads to the whole system becoming unresponsive, I'm not able to use Process Explorer to create a minidump file once it hangs.


      The computers are running Windows 7 64-bit. Flash Pro was packaged using CCP with an enterprise license. I completely removed Flash Pro and preferences, then reinstalled it using a newly created package with all updates. I also updated the NVIDIA Quadro driver to 332.50, and the computers have the latest Flash Player for ActiveX and Firefox installed.


      I would greatly appreciate any help with this problem as Flash Pro is not reliable enough in the lab to be used for teaching. Thank you!