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    .Wav file's volume being ignored

    GoodNewsJim Community Member



      I reduced the volume of a .wav file in audacity.


      When I load in audacity, the volume is less.


      But when I import to Flash Professional, the volume is not lowered at all.


      What should I do to lower the default starting volume?



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          kglad ACP/MVP

          if you're adding your sound to a timeline, open the properties panel with that keyframe selected and, next to the effects combobox is a edit sound envelope icon which you can click and edit the sound's volume.


          if you use actionscript to create your sound, adjust the volume of the sound's soundchannel.

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            GoodNewsJim Community Member

            I already adjust music volume levels in game with a slider control.


            What I want to do is change the default volume coming in so it is on par with the other music. 


            I should be able to do this by changing the volume in audacity.


            It seems like Flash Professional has a bug where it can't read in adjusted volume.


            If all the music is about the same volume level, then the slider for music volume will be consistent.

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              kglad ACP/MVP

              i've not had that problem with audacity and flash but it's easy enough to compensate and "normalize" all your sounds' volume levels.


              so, if you have inconsistant 100% sound volume levels and you want to control them all with sliders, instead of the sliders directly controlling the sounds' volumes, have it control a "normalized" variable that you assign for each sound.


              for example if s1 is a sound that plays appropriately at 100% volume and s2 plays too loud (but at 80% volume matches the s1 100% volume), use:


              var s1MaxVol:Number=1;

              var s2MaxVol:Number=.8;


              then when you're assigning sound volumes, you would use something like:


              // for whateverSound with soundchannel=whateverSoundChannel and parameter = whateverSoundMaxVol set above



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                GoodNewsJim Community Member



                I know that hack and that is what I'm using.  I was just wondering why Adobe Flash Professional can't read in a volume level from a .wav.  That seems like it should be easy to do.  Are there plans to fix it?  It is much easier to fix the volume level using a sound editor's tools than for me to manually kludge numbers together because Adobe doesn't believe in fully conforming to standards of .wav files.



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                  Anton Azarov Community Member

                  Try to save your *.wav files with 44100 with Stereo properties.