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    A scene doesn't play


      I have a menu with six scenes.  One scene does not play but I do not get any error messages, it just doesn't play.  The other five scenes play fine.  What should I do?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          From the Premiere Elements Information FAQ http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1042180

          •What version of Premiere Elements? Include the minor version number (e.g., Premiere Elements 9 with the 9.0.1 update).

          •What operating system? This should include specific minor version numbers, like "Mac OSX v10.6.8"---not just "Mac".

          •Have you installed any recent program or OS updates? (If not, you should. They fix a lot of problems.)

          •What kind(s) of image file(s)? When talking about camera raw files, include the model of camera.

          •If you are getting error message(s), what is the full text of the error message(s)?

          •What were you doing when the problem occurred?

          •What other software are you running?

          •Tell us about your computer hardware. How much RAM is installed?  How much free space is on your system (C:) drive?

          •Has this ever worked before?  If so, do you recall any changes you made to Premiere Elements, such as adding Plug-ins, brushes, etc.?  Did you make any changes to your system, such as updating hardware, printers or drivers; or installing/uninstalling any programs?

          And some other questions...

          •What are you editing, and does your video have a red line over it BEFORE you do any work?

          •Have you viewed the tutorial links at http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1275830 page?

          •Which version of Quicktime do you have installed?

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            What version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system is it running?


            Which specific disc menu theme are you using?

            How many scene markers have you placed on the Timeline of that project?

            Is there enough space between scene markers so that none are essentially on top of one another?


            You wrote

            One scene does not play but I do not get any error messages, it just doesn't play.  The other five scenes play fine.  What should I do?

            Where are you playing these scene menu scenes....in the Preview section of the disc menu section or elsewhere?


            If possible, please post a screenshot showing the placement of scene markers in your project's Timeline. Are there any other menu markers besides the scene markers on the project's Timeline?


            Thank you.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              In addition to the answers to John T's questions, I have another:


              Do you have the Scene Marker for that last scene, the one that does not play, close to the previous Scene Marker? Having Scene Markers to close can create issues, just like a Stop Marker placed at the end of the Timeline can cause issues - though different one.


              Good luck, and please let us know a bit more.



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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Apparently Hunt and I were traveling in cyberspace to your thread about the same time, directing focus to your stated issue, Disc Menus and Scene Buttons.


                Answers to the basic questions asked about this focus point are important to getting to the core of your problem.





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                  FFerguson59 Level 1

                  Thanks for your responses.  I will answer more technical questions in another post if need be but let me start here.  I tried spreading my scene markers out (the files that don't play are my shortest files), but that didn't fix my problem. 


                  I am running a windows version of PE11 in BootCamp on a MAC.  I have 18 WMVs which I am trying to run from menus.  When I tried to use slideshows directly, many frames were randomly 'blacked out'.  When I use WMVs, this doesn't happen.  They all run successfully in Disc Preview but after I burn to a DVD, 3 of the 18 don't play, but with no error messages.


                  I am using the Pan and Zoom menu theme, the one that originally comes up with a beach scene.   I have done nothing special (made any changes) to PE.  I have never had any red lines on my videos.


                  While I was looking through existing Q&As, I found in one where someone suggested using Main Menu buttons instean of Scene Markers, which I would prefer to do.  But, I don't like the limits to how many will show on each menu.  The answer said General>Generic 1 would allow 6 'movies' on the main menu.  Generic 1 must have been in a release prior to PE11 (the post was dated 2009) because I can't find that one.  Do you know of a theme that will allow 6 'movies' on a single menu?   If I can find one, I will try this.  Maybe my other problem will go away.

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    I believe that the wonderful Generic 1 was last seen in Premiere Elements 8.0/8.0.1. Great menu to work from.


                    You seem to have interest in the Pan and Zoom theme. So, tonight I tried to adapt it with the minimal stress on Photoshop Elements to do the editing of the .psd for the theme .psd files. This approach would give you just a main menu with 6 thumbnail buttons for movies/per page. With 18 movies, that would give you 3 main menu pages.


                    We could talk details in the next post and the needed manuevers if you have any interest in something that would start out as the original Pan and Zoom and end up with a main menu page looking like


                    The above can be done editing the .psd files for the theme with Photoshop Elements since it does not involve opening Layer Sets in the Layers Palette of the theme's .psd files. We could add more buttons, maybe 9 per page but I need to see if the Layer Sets will co-operate when duplicated in Photoshop Elements. If you have Photoshop CS or higher, the job of editing the .psd files of the theme can be done with more certainty.


                    Details of the Timeline menu markers would need detailing. Coming attraction on that...main menu markers and stop markers (no stop marker after the last item on the Timeline).


                    Please check out the above and let us know if you think that will work for you.





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                      FFerguson59 Level 1

                      This would be great!!!!   I do not have CS. 


                      Thank you!

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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        Thanks for the reply.


                        What type of project preset will you be using for your Premiere Elements 11 project

                        SD standard (4:3)

                        SD widescreen (16:9)

                        HD (16:9)


                        Although the how to will be applicable to all, best I give you the details step by step for the menu .psd set that the project preset will use for a given project preset.






                        Add On..the sample in post 6 was done using Premiere Elements 11 with a NTSC DV Standard project preset. Under those conditons, the program used the theme's "s" .psd set (standard definition).

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                          FFerguson59 Level 1

                          I can't find a setting that looks exactly like this.  What I do find is that I am using NTSC_WIDESCREEN_DOLBY DVD.  Does that tell you what you need to know or can you tell me where to look for the setting? 



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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            Earlier, before I saw your post 9, I decided to go ahead with writing up the details, referring to the DV Standard project. Nonetheless, the write up should work for you since the only difference between the DV Standard and DV Standard Widescreen write up would be the choice of the original .psd files with which to deal.


                            IMPORTANT ADD ON TO THIS POST

                            I had posted a link to the publish blog post with the how to for the main menu.

                            I have pulled the link from this post and unpublished the blog post since I forgot to put in the part about the navigation buttons when there will be more than 1 Main Menu page.


                            I hope to have everything published again later today with all the details intact. At that time, I will post the link to the blog post in this thread again.


                            Sorry for the delay.



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                              FFerguson59 Level 1

                              As you're working on this, I just want to make sure you are addressing my issue of adding 'movie' buttons to the main menu.  The original blog you posted delt with decreasing scene buttons on the scene menu.  I only scanned the blog, assuming it wasn't what i needed, but is it something I should be able to extrapolate to be able to add buttons in a similar way as decreasing?  I am hoping to be able to have 6 'movie' buttons on the main menu as you showed in post 6.


                              Thank you...

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                                FFerguson59 Level 1

                                Sorry, and I am using PE11, not 12.

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                                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                                  Thanks for the reply.


                                  No, the blog post is addressed to 11 but is applicable to 12.


                                  Decreasing buttons is another blog post.


                                  The one that I published last night focused on adding buttons and needed addressing the navigation buttons of previous/next so I pulled the whole blog until added the previous/next part incorporated and spelled out.


                                  It should be ready in a few hours or sooner.



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                                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                                    I think that I have gotten the page navigational tool (previous, next, and "main" in between them) in order. In the original posting of the blog post, too much was taken for granted.


                                    I am not sure what you were reading before. This blog post has always been titled "Adding Movie Thumbnails To Disc Main Menu" with mention of a Premiere Elements 11 user.


                                    This is the link just re-posted



                                    Hope the time to edit the blog post for clarfication enhances it.


                                    But, please do not hesitate to ask if you need clarification on anything written.





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                                      FFerguson59 Level 1

                                      I have now rebuilt my DVDs using the revised menus, and I love them, thank you!  I am much happier with the results using Main Menu markers vs the scene markers.  But, I still have an issue with a couple of movies not playing.  Originally 3 of the 18 would not play after they had been burned to a DVD, but they played fine using Preview Disc.  Now there are only 2 that won't play and only 1 of these is the same as in the original 3.  So, said another way, 1 movie would not play after being burned using both Main Menu and Scene markers.  2 that were not playing with Scene markers are now playing but 1 that had been playing with Scene markers will now not work using Main Menu markers.  I take from this that it isn't about whether I am using Scene or Main Menu markers.   And, it doesn't seem like it is about the movie (WMV) files themselves since they will all play in Preview Disc and the ones that play (or don't) has changed.


                                      I built all WMVs the same way, they are all different sizes but there is no pattern related to size that I can see.  I have a Main Menu marker at the beginning of each WMV on my timeline and a Stop marker at the end of every WMV except the last.


                                      I have tried burning to DVD more than once to see if there was some fluke on the first burn, but I get the same results with each burn.  I receive no error messages.  When I click on the thumbnail, it simply doesn't play.  The menu music stops momentarily while it attempts to start the WMV but then just starts the menu music again.


                                      Any ideas????  I have tried everything I can think of... I would love a suggestion(s)!


                                      Thank you...

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                                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                                        Thanks for the update.


                                        About those problem videos. Please clarify. Is the problem just that you get a black image in the main menu thumbnail button but you get playback on screen for the actual content that the thumbnail represents? Or, in no way do you get to view the movie that is supposed to be displaying on screen, either on screen or in the main menu's button?



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                                          FFerguson59 Level 1

                                          The thumbnail is not black, it appears as it should be, the first frame of the movie is in the thumbnail, it just won't play.  It tries but does a very quick flash/flicker but then goes back to menu operations, with background music playing.  I can then select a diff movie, and it will play.  The menu continues to work fine, just those 2 movies won't play.

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                                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                                            I was thinking that it might be in matter involving the scene menu marker Offset setting. But, so much for that idea.


                                            Please remind me, is there any evidence that you are dealing with a space issue at the Timeline level, that is, if you removed any other 2 clips in the same Timeline (with file sizes comparable to the problem 2), does the problem 2 remaining in that Timeline then display as expected in the finished product?


                                            And, if you burned just those 2 problem clips to DVD-VIDEO on DVD by themselves, do they playback OK?


                                            More later.


                                            Thanks for the continuing follow up.



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                                              FFerguson59 Level 1

                                              I don't see any evidence to lead me to believe it is space related.  I have my 18 movies split between 2 projects, they are too big to have in 1.  They are split 10 and 8.  The 8 movie project works fine.  The 10 movie project is where the problematic movies are.  The total space for the 10 movie project is 3.27 GB.


                                              I did run the tests you suggested.  When I burnt a DVD with only the 2 movies that aren't playing in my larger project, they played fine.   When I removed 2 similarly sized movies from the 10 movie project, the movies that originally weren't playing still aren't playing and another movie is now not playing on that DVD.  The ones that aren't playing are not the first or last movies in the project nor are they next to each other.


                                              I am so stumped...  any thoughts?


                                              Thank you!

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                                                A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                Thanks for the reply.


                                                Go to your Timeline and expand it to its max with the -+ slider above the Timeline.


                                                In the expanded Timeline go to the clips that are not playing correctly, Carefully move them out of their present location and inspect the area where they were for any very thin vertical black lines that may have been hidden under them where they had been placed.


                                                If you do not find any of these fragments, then place your clips back into position on the Timeline, but on a different track than where they were before.


                                                Then, let us know the DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc playback result.


                                                Looking forward to the results.



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                                                  FFerguson59 Level 1

                                                  I'm not sure what 'on a different track' means.  How do I do this?

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                                                    FFerguson59 Level 1

                                                    I don't know how to 'carefully move then out of their present location' so I can see underneath them.  If I click and drag, to move them to another location, it fills that location with the other movies.  The only other option I see to use is 'delete and close gap'. Neither one of these allow me to see underneath them.


                                                    The 2 that aren't working are not small, they are 173 and 104MB.   I have larger and smaller ones that work, so I don't think that is the problem, but when I expand them completely, which I do often, they are very long to scroll through on a frame by frame basis.  This is fine but I just don't see how to move them out of the way so I can scroll the length of them inspecting the place that I removed them from.



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                                                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                      Thanks for the follow up.


                                                      Could you post a screenshot of your Timeline, focusing on the location where those 2 problem clips are?


                                                      I will try to use that to implement the plan that I had in mind.


                                                      In the screenshot, please show all the tracks involved in the opened state.






                                                      Add On...Just a reminder, if you are not already, please make a copy of the project in discussion and then do the troubleshooting from the copy.

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                                                        FFerguson59 Level 1

                                                        Capture (1).PNG

                                                        The .wmv that is not playing is Stephens_Billy_7.  The next post is the same area of timeline, but spread out a little more.

                                                        Capture (2).PNG

                                                        The next screenshot is problem .WMV #2.

                                                        Capture (3).PNG


                                                        I hope this provides the info you were looking for.


                                                        Thank you!

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                                                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                          Thanks for the screenshots.


                                                          Please see if the program allows you to do the following...it should.


                                                          Given that the two problem clips that will not display in the end product are




                                                          Stephen_Dottie's Extended Family


                                                          Be sure to be working from a copy of the project for this....


                                                          With your mouse cursor, left click once on the title bar of clip named Stephen_Billy_7, hold that click, and drag straight up to Video 2. There should be a gap on Video 1 where the clip was. The gap should not close.


                                                          Do the same for the Stephen_Dottie's Extended Family.


                                                          Then try a burn to disc as before and then let us know if all the clips on the disc played back with your player.





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                                                            FFerguson59 Level 1

                                                            This did not fix the problem, same results as before.  The 2 movies still not play.  Nothing about the playing of the DVD seemed any different than prior version.


                                                            Another idea?



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                                                              A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                              Yes. New idea.


                                                              Back to the copy for this.


                                                              Remove the 2 problem videos. In their exact space that they just vacated, place two other of these videos from the project that are showing up in the end product playback.


                                                              Does that version playback with all the video displaying in the end product?






                                                              New idea in formulation if this one does not work out or if you done the above before in your troubleshooting.

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                                                                FFerguson59 Level 1

                                                                No, the videos that I moved into these 2 slots will also not play... but they play fine in their original slots.


                                                                When I create a new project with the 2 videos that don't play (Billy and Dottie's extended) and 1 other that has always played, they all play.  The video files themselves seem to be fine... it is the timeline.  I assume this latest test also proves this.   And, again, all videso always, without exception, play fine in Preview Disc, only refuses to play after being burned to DVD.  (I know you know this...this is just driving me crazy!)


                                                                Thanks for your help....

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                                                                  FFerguson59 Level 1

                                                                  Hello... just want to touch base to make sure I've haven't slipped through the cracks.  I'm assuming you are working on another idea for me.... but wanted to make sure.


                                                                  Thank you...

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                                                                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                                    Sorry for the delayed reply. Glad that you posted. I kept losing track of the thread.


                                                                    Please remind me if we have tried this.


                                                                    1. Given you have these two problem files (problem in the burn to only) in your Timeline.


                                                                    2. Right click one of them, select Review in Media, and then find the thumbnail that is highlighted in the opened Project Assets Palette.


                                                                    3. Then right click the highlighted thumbnail, select Replace Footage, browse to and select the original of that file on the computer hard drive save location. Click Open in the Replace Footage dialog.


                                                                    4. Do the same for the other problem file.


                                                                    Then let us know if the burn now included each of those two files.






                                                                    Add On....Please remind me what type of DVD disc you are using for the burn to. Also, did we do the burn to folder to see if we would get the same results if we went - Burn to Folder Folder (4.7 GB) and took the VIDEO_TS Folder to DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc with the 3rd party ImgBurn software?

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                                                                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                                      Please read my post 30 first and work through the thoughts there.


                                                                      Then, please consider the following if we have not been there and done this yet.


                                                                      Using a copy of your original project, burn it to DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc, but beforehand delete the 2 problem videos. Get rid of the gaps produced. Do nothing else to the project.


                                                                      Now determine if all the clips now appear in the DVD-VIDEO on DVD playback of this verison of the project. Or if you now have 2 new problem videos with the same problem as the 2 we deleted.


                                                                      If no break through yet....


                                                                      1. Copy of original project as is.


                                                                      2. Export that to Publish+Share/Computer/AVI with Presets = NTSC DV Standard (if that is what your project settings represent, I think it is)

                                                                      Does that play back  on Windows Media Player with all the clips including the problem 2?


                                                                      3. If so, take that DV AVI file into a new NTSC DV Standard project and burn it to DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc (NTSC Dolby DVD). Problem 2 visible at playback on DVD Player?



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                                                                        FFerguson59 Level 1

                                                                        Here are responses for the several ideas/questions you posed:


                                                                        - I am using Verbatim DVD+R 4.7GB DVDs


                                                                        - When I burn to a folder then burn to DVD w/ 3rd party software, I get same result, same 2 videos won't play, all others play fine


                                                                        - When I  did the 'Replace Footage' test I got the same result, same 2 videos won't play, all others play fine.  BUT, I think the replace process may not have worked.  When I clicked Open to Replace the Footage, the response was instantaneous, it didn't seem like it took long enough to have replaced it AND it didn't need rendering.  I chose the original .WMV from the hard drive so I thought it would need to be rendered but when I clicked on Render, it didn't render, as if they were all already rendered...as if the 2 files had not been replaced.  Did I do something wrong in this test?


                                                                        - When I removed the 2 problem videos and did nothing else, the thumbnail for the 1st problematic video (Billy...) would not play.  I had not made any adjustments to the markers so it was a diff video connected to the thumbnail, but it would not play.  The 2nd problematic video (Dottie's extended...) didn't show up any longer because there wasn't enough footage in the remaining videos to get to that marker.  All the other thumbnails work, but they were at random places within videos (because I didn't adjust markers).  Is this what you wanted me to do?  Should I have adjusted markers or is what happened what you expected?


                                                                        - When I created the .AVI, it played fine on the PC but the menu, markers, etc were gone.  The project was just all the videos back-to-back and they all played fine.  When I started to burn the AVI to DVD, I stopped because I thought it wouldn't be a good test because the menu and markers are gone.  I can do the test if that is what you wanted to test.  I have other tests where I have done other subsets of videos, and the 2 that are not playing now will play from a DVD.  It isn't the video file itself.  Would you like me to burn the .AVI w/out menus and markers to DVD?


                                                                        What next?


                                                                        Thank you!

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                                                                          FFerguson59 Level 1

                                                                          I have run a couple more tests/scenrios.   I have started from scratch and added 1 video at a time.  They all play fine until I add the 4th video.  After adding the 4th, the 3rd will not play (1st, 2nd and 4th play).  I tried this several times, changing which videos I added (used a wide variety) and also changed the sequence, always with the same result, the 3rd of 4 would not play.  I did not go past 4 videos.

                                                                          • 34. Re: A scene doesn't play
                                                                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                                            Could you post a screenshot of those 4 videos where the 3rd will not play. Please try to get as much detail as possible about the track structure at that view.


                                                                            Are all these test with .wmv files?


                                                                            If so, what happens if you do the same with non .wmv files, even a jpg as replacement? Same thing? In this and in the prior project that we have discussed?



                                                                            • 35. Re: A scene doesn't play
                                                                              FFerguson59 Level 1

                                                                              Well, scratch what I said.  I continued with my testing and the consistency I thought I had with the 3rd videos isn't true.  I was able to get up to 5 videos added, with them all playing fine, then when I added the 6th, 3 stopped playing.   The 3 that wouldn't play were the 3rd, 4th and 5th.  1st, 2nd and 6th played fine.  Below I am attaching a screenshot of the 3 that wouldn't play and 2 of the videos that would play.


                                                                              The next 3 won't play:

                                                                              Capture Bobby.PNG


                                                                              Capture Kenny.PNG

                                                                              Capture Connie.PNG


                                                                              The next 2 play fine:

                                                                              Capture Billy.PNG

                                                                              Capture Meg.PNG

                                                                              Is this enough detail?  If not, please tell me how to show you more.


                                                                              And, yes, these are all .wmv files, and all have been for all tests.   I have done other projects, all with .wmv files, which have ultimately worked.  All projects have had their share of frustrations, but no earlier projects have had this problem.  For the life of me I can think of nothing I am doing different this time.


                                                                              I will try a test with non .wmv file.



                                                                              • 36. Re: A scene doesn't play
                                                                                A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                                                This is a particularly rough case.


                                                                                Let us see where the non wmv series of media lead us. I will study what you just posted and see if I can pick up on any clues as to the whys.



                                                                                • 37. Re: A scene doesn't play
                                                                                  FFerguson59 Level 1

                                                                                  The non .wmv videos (slideshows) have the same problem.  The 3rd out of a 3 video test didn't play.   ARGH!  This is driving me crazy!!!  I can't believe I can't come up with some pattern, I can't find any consistency to this.  So hard to troubleshoot!


                                                                                  Something else to try?


                                                                                  If you have another idea for how I can pull together a nice way, menu driven I suppose, to provide the 18 slideshows/videos, I am open to it.  This is how I have always done them in the past.  Is there another way that I am not familiar with?



                                                                                  • 38. Re: A scene doesn't play
                                                                                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                                                    Let us detour and see what happens.


                                                                                    Orginal project. Do your menus and then onto to



                                                                                    with Presets = SD High Quality NTSC (to give 640 x 480).


                                                                                    Hit the Build button.


                                                                                    Do you get playback of the whole or are some photos missing?

                                                                                    Try to get the playback with menus from the Play_webDVD.html in the webDVD Folder

                                                                                    saved to the computer hard drive.



                                                                                    • 39. Re: A scene doesn't play
                                                                                      FFerguson59 Level 1

                                                                                      This worked.... all videos play and I don't see any black frames.   Is this a big help or just another data point?  Fingers crossed!



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