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    Multiple Users on one account

    Linds220 Level 1

      I am looking into Forms Central and am confused on its capabilites.  I work for local government and if we pay for the Plus version, can we have multiple users linked to that account, or does each person have to pay for their own account?  In additon, if we can link to one account can we set it up where only certain users see only certain forms and the forms responses?  For instance, we wouldn't want our recreation superintendent being able to see the responses from Human Resources forms.

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          Wenlan_Du Level 2

          We don't offer team accounts now. You can only pay for individual accounts, but all the users can share an collaborate on form creation and form responses: Here is how from FormsCentral help:

          Share and collaborate

          With FormsCentral you can collaborate in a secure online environment to work on forms and surveys and preview and test forms before respondents see them. Click the Share button to see the current sharing status of your form. You can share your form with selected individuals — choosing who can view or edit in your file — or you can publish it so anyone with the assigned URL can view the response table with all the form submissions. You also control who can re-share your form.

          Each participant shows on the collaborator bar at the bottom of the page. Mousing over each icon will display the role assigned, current or most recent activity, and e-mail address.

          • Author: This is the creator of the form or survey. The author can share a form, assign roles, edit, test, and distribute forms, and analyze data.
          • Co-author: Co-authors can edit, test, and distribute forms and analyze data.
          • Contributor: Contributors can view the form and edit responses.
          • Reader: Readers can only view responses.

          When you publish a form file, anyone with the URL can view responses or test your form without needing to sign in. You can also embed the URL on a web page for easy access to the response table. Form files can be un-published at any time.