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    Premiere Elements 10 Bad/No performance on Win 8 64-bit Core i5-4440 16gig ram and GeForce GTX-650


      Since just over a year i'm the owner of Premiere Elements 10, however it has never pleased me due to bad and inconsistant performance. Just putting video's one after another without any transitions works so-so a few frames per second (which is rediculus). But when i start doing things like motion keyframes, i have no preview at all just a bit of choppy audio. First i thought it was my laptop (a win 7 64-bit core i7 3rd gen, with geforce 610m and 8gig of ram) not bad but i thought well it is a laptop so it might be a bit slower, i'll have to deal with it. However since a few months i own a new PC (specs above), and experience the very same issue. No performance! Every time i think about editing a video i start the program and within a few minutes i get so angry with it that i close it and leave the video's be.


      Pre-Rendering the workspace also has no effect at all. I have no red bar above the timeline (sometimes even green).


      And worst of all it keeps messing up the timing of the video while editing. If you change a clip in the timeline all clips following (the motion edits) are destroyed. Which is only visible after a few hours of rendering, since live preview is only audio.


      What in the world can be done to fix this problem. As you probably can read i'm pretty annoyed.


      The free video editing software that comes with the gopro moves rotates and scales smoothly in live playback, so it is not impossible on the machine. (too bad the functionality of this program is so limited, else i could finally throw Premiere Elements away!).


      Is there anybody who can help me in my despair?