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    Is there a .NET wrapper for the mxmlc compiler?

    James22s22 Level 1

      I'd like to access the MXMLC compiler via an object-oriented approach, with enumerations for the command line switches.  So far, I plan to call it using a windowless .NET Process instance and capture the output stream.  I was hoping such a wrapper library already existed, but I cannot find one.  It would be even better if there was one that parses the output stream and returns a list of errors and warnings the same way the Flash IDE does.  I'm just trying to compile AS3 classes on-the-fly server-side, so I can write code in a Flash client, send it to the server to be compiled, then send it back to Flash to be loaded and usable in an XML-style display list loader, similar to MXML.  Ideally, I'd compile it client-side, but I don't think there's a AS3 compiler written in AS3 or embedded in the Flash Player.  Would be nice if there was though.