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    controlling a loaded MC on mouseOut

      Button question.

      I have 9 buttons, each button loads a movie clip (animation) that corresponds to that button. Each movie clip fades in. I want that movie clip to also fade out on mouse out and I don't know how to do that.

      Instead of doing that I have the movie clip unload on mouseout, that's all that I figured out so far. Any help would be much appreciated.

      Link: visual explanation
      Link to Flash buttons
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          For each button you must have created different swf files. instead of doing that you create movieclips for each image with the animation of fadeIn and fadeOut. and give the 2 label names at the start frame of the each effect (i.e. start frame of fadeIn effect and start frame of fadeOut) and give stop at the end frame of each effect. and on the frame 1 of the whole movieclip so nothing will be displayed when ur movie starts. then on rollOver call the label on start frame of ur fadeIn effect and on rollOut call the label on the start frame of ur fadeOut effect. chk below.

          MovieClip 1. suppose say my_mc (instance name of movieclip)

          inside movieclip u will have tween animation have certain frames with the fadeIn and fadeOut effect. say 1-10 frames for fadeIn and 11-20 for fadeOut.

          At the start frame of fadeIn effect give stop() action and label name (eg.: label1) then at the end frame of the same effect give stop() action.
          the same way give the label name (eg.: label2) at the start frame of the fadeOut effect but here don't give stop action it should be at the end frame.

          this way u create n no. of movieclips for each image and give instance name.

          Action for buttons.


          thats it.
          have a gr8 day.