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    Indesign CS6 crashes when I open Pages Panel

    eschelar Level 1

      Let me start by saying that we are using CS6 because this document is shared between two art people, two proof readers, two content checkers and one printer. CC is not available to all parties and we have had huge problems in the past with ID's compatibility. CC is not an option.



      ID document suddenly started crashing the primary art person's ID instance.

      For her, opening the document is enough to cause ID to crash.


      On my computer, I can open and manipulate data in the document, except occasionally crashing when moving some items around. However, it is not consistent and on one session, I can manipulate one object fine, and in another session, clicking it is fine, but moving it causes a crash.


      But on both computers, it consistently crashes the program when opening the PAGES panel.


      The error type is Table Model.RPLN


      I've been sequentially stripping everything out of the document and I can't find anything wrong that has caused the other types of problems as reported in other threads such as transparent EPS items as images, modes (ie transparency, drop shadows etc) applied to tables.


      Heck, I've gone through and removed *all* of the tables and still no change.




      I just loaded up CC trial - fully updated to 9.2 on a test machine and tried the file. It crashes before it even gets fully opened without even the decency of providing an error report. Totally useless. Not to mention the fact that it took 2 hours to get the bleeding thing installed and updated and the installer kept having ridiculous problems ('not connected to the internet' - with a 100mbps line; 'detected another instance' - which required killing all adobe processes two or three times each; requires administrator privilege... seriously?). Weird that it takes 8 times longer for CC to even load up too. Glad I didn't get stuck with a file locked to CC save files with zero backwards compatibility.


      But still totally stumped on this file.