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    Inline text-shadow style property missing

    websemantic Level 1

      Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has come across this as I'm at a loss trying to debug it.


      I create a composition with text that has a text-shadow. The text shadow is there when I preview in IE11. I upload to my own site and it works fine.


      Update: I've checked the composition in the LCMS on other browsers and the text-shadow is there. Looks like it could be an IE issue.


      However, when I upload to my clients LCMS, all works correctly, except there are no text-shadows. When I inspect the code produced, the inline text-shadow style property is missing i.e. it is not hard coded in! Everything else is as expected.


      In order to deploy the composition to my clients LCMS, I have to change some image url's but otherwise, there are no differences.


      I can't work out why the JavaScript is not writing the text-shadow to the elements.


      Does anyone know where I can put checks in my JS to see what is happening?


      Thanks for any help.