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    Does Creative Cloud Files distort your images? (compressed/squeezed)


      Is anyone else having an issue with uploading files to the Creative Cloud?
      Everytime I share a file with a client or colleague it distorts, compresses or squeezes the file (and appears to be skinny).
      Then I refresh and it's normal.

      I have viewed through: Safari, Firefox and Chrome. All do it.

      YES - I have cleared cache... but it still does it when you FIRST click on a file to view.
      I have a hard time thinking that i have to tell people (when I send a proof)...
      "Please refresh your browser several times to view the file correctly"


      Attached is an example...
      The LEFT is what is viewed on the Creative Cloud, the RIGHT is seen through "Preview" and is the actual file.

      This compression (or squeezing) is being done too all the files uploaded.


      Send a proof to someone? Not through Adobe Creative Cloud.
      Anyone have a solution?