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    cDNG Workflow questions and issues

    paulinventome Level 1

      This applies to both AE and PPro.


      As far as i can tell, when a cDNG sequence is imported we get the ACR dialog. This is used to basically pregrade that file, create a 'look' for it, then we get the footage. However the footage we get appears to be a reduced section of the full file. In other words i don't get the full linear range of the DNG to work with in AE or PPro. If i reduce exposure on the file it acts like a sRGB jpeg and whites grey down. Whereas if i adjust exposure in the ACR dialog it works as i would expect.


      Is this the case? What are we actually getting out of the source file?


      All i want is full range linear from the DNG but this doesn't appear possible?


      many thanks