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    Accessing a single row in a datagrid- or an alternative to Listitems

      Hello ppl,
      I need some help with this small lil problem in accessing a datagrid:
      I have a datagrid, and on column of it is checkboxes:
      Based on that values of those checkboxes, I want to generate a shortlisted array, which will be used to generate a piechart.. however, that part is fine..
      The thing is, somebody made it work with prev version of flex, using datagrid.Listitems he copied everything to an array, and then used that. but now, Listitems is not available in new version anymore..
      1> I can either copy the whole datagrid into an array, and then iterate through it and check values, I dont know how do I copy a datagrid to an array though.. or
      2> I can traverse through the datagrid itself and check the values, instead of making another copy.. the traversal too, I dont know how to do that.
      any ideas? any hint will be helpful, and If somebody has a sample code or something, it would be awesome.