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    Vertical and Landscape Orientation issues

    martafr Level 1

      We're trying to do a basic print to iPad transfer for a magazine. We're wanting to use the pdf's we use for printing for the digital version and we'd like to have vertical and landscape options. We'd also like to have the full double page spread on the horizontal layout and a single page on the vertical layout. The problem is that:


      1) to do this we'd have to have the same horizontal layout (p.e. pages 2,3) for each two vertical layouts (pages 2 and page 3 separatly), which means repeating the same horizontal layout on the page overview, which we don't want.

      or 2) we'd have to have one horizontal layout associated with a two page vertical layout, which we don't want either because it would mean a vertical snap to page.

      3) we'd have to only have an horizontal option every two pages to avoid repetition or vertical navigation but we'd be stuck with a navigation that isn't very intuitive or manageable.


      Is there any way to work around this?


      Thank you in advance!