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    jsession being reset in ssl

      I having trouble with my session being reset within an ssl page in a shopping cart application. I redirect from a non ssl domain to an ssl domain and pass the #session.urlToken# and my session is still intact. From there I then submit the page to itself as a relative link (<form action="payment.cfm?#SESSION.urlToken#" method="POST") and for some reason I loose my session! I checked the cfid, cftoken and jsessionid and noticed that the sessionid on the action page does not match the jsession being passed in the url. So it seems my session is being reset for no apparent reason.

      Occassionaly this does work, which although inconsistent seems to depend on whether it came from a domain that had www in from of the domain or not. The results never seem to be consistent even though I pass the urltoken to the ssl domain on the same server.

      Can anyone tell me what could be causing this erratic behavoiur?

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          Steve Sommers Level 4
          For some unknown reason, I've had mixed results using SESSION.URLToken. Most of the time I simply use cookies so I don't have the issue but when I have to pass the tokens, I specify them myself: payment.cfm?CFID=#CFID#&CFToken=#CFToken#&JSession=#JSession#

          Hope this helps.