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    PE12 Crashes when I open it


      I just installed Adobe Premiere Elements 12 on my PC and I have the following issues.

      1. When I double click to open the PE12 the program opens then immediately closes.

      2. When I attempt to open a saved Project file PE12 opens and I get a error message that "the project file is not compatible".  The GOOD thing here is that PE12 does not close after I hit the OK button on the error message.

      3. Now that I have PE12 open (using item #2) I can now do a file open and select the same file that I double clicked on in item #2 and the project file opens fine.

      I have Adobe Premiere Elements 11 on my PC and it works fine.




      I have followed this forum and it did not work



      On the welcome screen for PE12 I am able to open the Organizer.  Once I'm in the organizer I can select File>New>Premiere Elements Video Project