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    Adobe list of supported laptop Nvidia cards


      Can anyone here clue me in on how often they bother to update the list, and how dated it might be now?



      I'm looking to buy a new midrange laptop soon, one that should be capable of occasionally serving as a portable and backup editor to my HP desktop workstation for several years. Many thanks for the contributions of Bill, Harm, the invaluable Tweakers Pages and the rest here. 


      I'm a bit bewildered by Adobe.com's undated list of supported Nvidia cards though.   Without getting into the Quadro line, the leading laptop options currently available are the GTX 760M, GTX 765M, GTX 770M and GTX 780M. None of them are on Adobe's list although the similarly numbered desktop cards are, and even the inferior GT 650M has now been included.   I realize that unlisted CUDA cards can be recognized by Premiere with a simple text edit, but don't understand why the GTX -M cards are not listed.  Why even publish such a list if it is not dated and seldom updated?


      I hadn't considered that 650M which would open up a few more options that save $$$. Does anyone know if it truly can do the job with MPE or would I regret it sooner rather than later?




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          They all work.  I am writing this with my laptop that has a GTX 765M.  It works beautifully.  All you have to do is add it to the list of cards in the Adobe file "cuda_supported_cards.txt".  Below is a partial copy of my file showing my card properly added to my Premiere 7 (CC) software.


          GeForce GT 650M

          GeForce GT 750M

          GeForce GTX 285

          GeForce GTX 470

          GeForce GTX 570

          GeForce GTX 580

          GeForce GTX 675MX

          GeForce GTX 680

          GeForce GTX 680MX

          GeForce GTX 690

          GeForce GTX 765M

          GeForce GTX 770

          GeForce GTX 780

          GeForce GTX TITAN


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          Adobe has to test each and every card to put it on the list.  We are better off if we let them work on new and better software than testing each and every release of new cards.