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    Can InDesign CS6 or CC identify linked images containing missing links?


      Is there a preflight option that I am missing that would alert a user to a link that has a missing link? For example, I have several Illustrator files that were placed in ID. InDesign displays the link normally but in fact, the Illustrator file has placed .psd files which are missing. InDesign works fine until it is time to export to PDF and then has problems. It took a bit of troubleshooting to find that the provided Illustrator files had these missing links. Since I have never come across this before, I started looking for ways to provide an alert but could not find anything in the Links panel or preflight options that might provide a warning.


      Am I missing something obvious? I realize that opening the images in Illustrator provides this information but when dealing with 100s of images, often provided by someone else, it would be great to have the warning in InDesign.