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    Symbols are disappearing in Preview and Publish


      I'm completely new to Edge so user error is not unlikely, but I have a small animation with 11 small circles that animate opacity and Y pos. The circles are all symbols and are being controlled (play/stop) from the main timeline. When I preview, half of them do not show up. The symbols that don't appear are consistent from preview to preview. I've looked at the Elements in the browser and they are there, they just aren't animating.


      So I thought I would just recreate the "bad" symbols and their animations, but they are still not animating in my preview. When I play the timeline in Edge Animate evrything is fine.


      I've tried it in Chrome, Safari and Firefox (all latest releases) with the same result.


      Is there a symbol bug in Edge?

      Is there a method of creating symbols that I should be using (other than draw, cmd-Y and edit symbol timeline)?


      Any ideas, because I am out of them.