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    CS6 javascript -  textBox.contents doesn't return full text


      I'm using script labels to find text boxes of a certain label and get their contents. Sometimes I don't get the full contents back. Is there anything I should be checking to find my error? This is the js I'm using:




      var myDoc= app.activeDocument;


      var myPageItems = myDoc.allPageItems;


      for (var i =0; i<myPageItems.length; i++)


          if(myPageItems[i].label == "rug details colors 1")  


               var myOverFlowFrame = myPageItems[i];




                   var fullText = myOverFlowFrame.contents + '';                      







      I don't have very much experience scripting against InDesign and would appreciate any help I could get. Is there a better way than .contents to get the text in a text box? Is there an obvious reason why it would fail to retrieve all of the text in some cases?


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