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    Greek Man 19

      Dear Adobe,


           I was viewing your page on the creative cloud and it's team oriented abilities. When listening to most of the videos explaining the capabilities of the CC, a question arose in my mind. With other CC team members, can you collaborate and work on the same composition in Ae, in real time?

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Sorry, no.  AE remains a single-user application.  If you had other team members opening and changing the same project file, it would be a nightmare. 


          The only conceivable strategy would be to have each user's comps and nested comps in seperate folders in the project, combined with stringent naming procedures and no sharing of any comps.... along with the very strong admonition that no team member changes each other's work.  This is a strategy that is almost guaranteed to be rife with unintended but dangerous user mistakes.


          The resulting project file would also be gigantic, and ultimately most of its contents would be superflous.   You have to pick one outcome, after all.

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            The Adobe Anywhere platform adds such collaboration features for After Effects (and Premiere Pro, and Prelude).


            Details are here: