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    How to make and style a webpage in Dreamweaver by David Powers


      I cannot find the Insert tab the way the second training video shows (on a panel going down the right hand side of my Dreamweaver in Spanish). The video shows, that one can choose between "Files" and "Insert".


      When I go to the Window menu ("ventana" in Spanish) and selected "Insert" (it adds or deletes a checkmark), this has no effect on the right hand side, where my panels appear. It has an effect on the top bars, where I see the tabs: "Common", "Design", "Forms", etc. I can see the "div" element at the "Common" and "Design" tabs. But I cannot find the "Header" item, as instructed in the video. I want to continue Davis' instructions after inserting the "div" element!


      I am using the "Classic" display.


      Please help me!