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    Help for massive type lag in large projects?

    GoodNewsJim Level 1



      Ever since I found out about the way to edit a file in text mode instead of actionscript mode, I've had some success in combatting type lag.


      You see my projects have several files with 10k+ lines.  Some have over 40k lines.  I think having them open though taxes the system somehow, because I'll do something like ctrl+f, and it will pause for several seconds, Flash Builder will say (Not responding), then it will come around and I can input my one command.  Then I need to wait 2-10 seconds again to do something like click my cursor somewhere on the code.


      If I don't edit in text mode, it can take upwards of 2+ seconds between key presses.


      Maybe there is something not configured right in my project to handle over a hundred thousand lines of code in several different files.


      Do I need to declare more buffer memory?  Maybe the thing is virtual disking it up hard.


      Any suggestions are welcome.  The only one I don't want to hear is,"Don't code so much in one file" as there is nothing wrong with it.  I use OO correctly.

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          Darcey76 Level 1

          If your using OO correctly then your stacking your packages / classes in a single file..

          And what would be wrong with that is what your experiencing now...


          Regardless there comes a point with any editor that too much data in 1 file is too much for it. If you really need to edit silly files of rediculous size then I would recommend ultraedit, and then compile in FlashBuilder.