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    XEON processor and more...?


      Hi all  together,


      I work with CS5.5 and mostly with Premiere and Encore. I will probably update this version to the newest one.

      I bought three years ago a workstation with Intel i5 processor with Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit). I was / am absolutely not satisfied with performance of the PC.


      1) My first question is about cpu.

      Now I'd like to buy a server/workstation with XEON processor. Because of high costs, I prefer to buy second hand XEON server/workstation. But I don't know exactly which XEON processor to be used with CS in a very good performance. Cany you suggest me a hardware?


      2) My second question is about Microsoft Hyper V and Terminal Server.

      Do you have any experiences to use CS in a Hyper V and in a Terminal Server environment? Troubles?


      Thanks for your answers in advance.