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    How do I know which photoshop CS is best for me?


      Hey now..  I'm having a hard time deciding which CS is best for me. I'd love some advice. Here is some information about me and my business.


      My husband and I own a small screen printing business. We have been in business 8 years and we mostly print our own designs.

      I am the graphic artist, he is the printer. I LOVE my photoshop 7.0. It gets the job done but I'm needing more but not too much more. For example, I'm wanting to type my text in a spiral without having to piece together and resize every word or letter. I know I can save time if I upgrade but I'm not sure what to upgrade to...


      I've been told CS3. Will that be enough? if so, what is the difference between CS3 professional, standard, dreamweaver?


      Help? and Thanks for your input/advice!