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    PPBM7 Benchmark for Premiere CC

    Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

      It has been a long time coming but Harm (even though he is not active on the forums) and I finally have a Benchmark for Premiere CC (actually properly today's version is Premiere  Harm is the webmaster for us on ppbm7.com.  Without his continuing support I would not be able proceed with a CC version and we would not have his wonderful Tweakers Page.


      We have used the exact same timeline that we have used for CS6.  All exports are direct exports from Premiere hence the DE to distinguish from the preceding generation where we used AME.  This eliminates dynamic linking overhead and give truer Premiere benchmarks. 


      Since the GUI has changed in CC we need to have a new project that reflects those changes.  So in the current version of CC our benchmark works fine, but as CC evolves we cannot necessarily guarantee compatibility.  One thing we added was a additional script item that retrieves the current Premiere version number so we can understand future changes.


      This new benchmark (called PPBM6 or 7-DE.zip) is dual purpose in that it has a project file for both versions so after downloading and unzipping the file you have to chose which project file you need and also there are two Statistics files one for each version.


      As with the second version of of PPBM6 it is self instructing in that the first frames of each timeline tell you the instructions for proper setup.  Before you run the benchmark you download Speccy and run the program and save a snapshot for later submission.  You start the project with the Disk I/O timeline and export it, the instrutions then tell you to activate the MPEG2-DVD timeline and perform two exports on it and finally you activate the 7-layer H.264 timeline for the last of the four tests.  Next you go to the project file and run the appropriate Statistics script.  Then you go to Submisson and send the two files to us.  When you close the project file do not save it so that if you want to run it again it will open exactly as the original file.


      Unfortunately there are still a few references to PPBM6 which you have to read as PPBM6 or 7.


      Here are two conclusions I have drawn after 15 CS6 runs on two different computer and 17 Premiere 7 runs

      1.  Premiere 7 is appreciably faster than Premiere 6  on the CPU intensive with PPBM MPEG2-DVD exporting without GPU assistance.

      2.  Premiere 7 is slightly faster than Premiere 6 with a single GPU on GPU assisted with PPBM MPEG2-DVD timeline exporting