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      How do I create a logo containiing words only?

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            Migintosh Level 4

            People generally use Illustrator to create logos, but if you only have InDesign, you could get a usable logo with it. If all you need is a collection of words, just type them, set the font characteristics and save. To make the logo available to other InDesign documents, you could either place the document that you saved the logo as, or export the logo as a PDF (make sure to embed the fonts) and place that. The advantage of placing the original InDesign file is that you don't need to keep two copies of it (the original and the PDF), and any updates you wish to make in the original will update in any document you place the file into (provided you update the link). With the PDF option, you would need to export again if you update the logo in InDesign, and as with the other option, update the link to the PDF afterward.


            If you want to share the logo with others, I'd avoid sending the original InDesign file and go with the PDF. Also, InDesign's text engine gets changed a bit in some upgrades, so you might get some variation if you edit a logo saved as an InDesign file in a newer version. That's just FYI.