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    Disk Configuration with 7 disks

    Seth Denlinger

      Hello there,


      I have read Harm's disk config page twice now and have a basic understanding of it. That said, I'd love some advice for what to do with the drives I have. I had a bunch of problems with my first PC build, but think they are worked out. That said, I'm starting fresh (again) with disk configuration.



      C-- SSD 128 GB fro OS and Adobe



      Currently disconnected from computer:


      1 tb - Hitachi Deskstar

      1 tb -



      Currently disconnected from computer:

      RAID 10 (and holding all my Media, though it's backed up)

      The MB is using onboard RAID. I've been told this was not a good setup.


      2tb - Seagate Barracuda





      Wondering if I should erase these disks in this RAID and split these disks into something different. Not sure what to do with the 1tb disks. Any advice would be appreciated. I've read other pages, but I'm just trying to figure out what to do with this specific set of disks.


      Finally, when I open "Scratch Disk" in Premiere -- there are the 4 options. Ideally these should all be set on 4 different HDs? Sorry, very dense.





      PS -- hope this is the right place.