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    The comp is frozen with a red and white bar beneath it.


      Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 8.48.36 PM.pngI’m working in a composition, and I have several pre-comped layers and other types of layers in this composition. One of the layers that has animation on it is frozen, and it is also the only layer that has a red and white striped bar beneath it. There is some basic motion animation going on, but almost the exact same animation on two of the other pre-comped layers that work fine. All of the other layers are still animated, and this pre-comped layer is animated when I click into it, just not when I am in the main composition.


      My questions are: is this bar a warning that I need to take care of? How do I get the comp to work again.


      Thank you for any help.


      I am using adobe after effects CS6 on a Mac Book Pro.