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    Can't find multiple words in GREP

    Simon Dav

      Hi All,


      I have to find 240 words using GREP in different type of conditions like an example:


      (?i)(space)anusá(space)|(space)arseá(space)  - before and after space

      (?i)^anusá(space)|^arseá(space)  - starting paragraph and after space

      (?i)(space)anusá$|(space)arseá$  - space and end of paragraph

      (?i)(space)anusá\.|(space)arseá\.  - space and end of dot


      GREP can't capture full of 240 words, it is stoping the second condition itself, I am using this all as a continued text using | symbol.


      can any one help me how to find simply



      thanks in advance