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    do i need creative cloud

    stookiemad Level 1

      I only want to use photoshop and illustrator.


      I havea full creative cloud membership.


      do i really need this?


      is there a cheaper montly package i can go for with just those two product?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          No, there is no discounted combo package that contains both tools nor would two single-app subscriptions be more cost-efficient or even technically feasible.



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            RFNM Level 1

            I was on the phone to Adobe Customer Support yesterday about this very subject. As a prospective CC customer yet to take the plunge (should be making my mind up in the next day or two) I have lots of questions. I was assured that I could subscribe to both the Photoshop Photography Program plan and, additionally, Illustrator under a Single-app plan. This represnts a significant price saving and cuts any apps I don't need. Have I been missinformed?


            I also recieved assurances that the cost of the Photoshop Photography Program plan won't be rising dramtically at the end of 12 months, will have to wait and see on that one.


            Trying to weigh up between CS6 Design Standatd plus a separate licence for Lightroom or to jump onto the Creative Cloud bandwagon...


            Obviouisly CC gives, or appears to give, better flexibility and future proofing, plus the ability to upgrade my plan/s to full membership should I need access to additional apps. However, the cost for this is fairly high in the long term.



            Regards Chas, RFNM

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              Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

              Hi RFNM,


              Welcome to Adobe Forum,


              The information & assurance are very accurate, regarding the change of price of photography CC at the end of one year, it is not that much predicable from now.


              The costeffectiveness of the product that you have been asked to buy is the best one. CC is always a better option as you have understood it very rightly that there is no extra cost involved in upgrading to next newer version.





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                RFNM Level 1

                Thanks for the reply and reassurance Rajshree