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    Effectively preparing to edit video: How do I split & separately label clips within video clips?


      I am in charge of editing a corporate video for our organization, where the videographer sent me several clips of different leaders talking about different subjects. Specifically, any one of these leaders is talking about a variety of subjects over approximately 4-6 long clips each. "Bob" is talking over 5 long clips and in those, there are about 10 different topics covered.


      I am having trouble figuring out how to separate and label individual segments within these larger clips so that in organizer I can easily pull small segments/clips by subject matter and combine different people talking about that subject matter.


      In organizer I can see how you can label clips, but I want to lable and save separately clips within those clips if that makes sense, in a fast way. Right now, I am opening up each longer clip and saving different versions once I delete out the content I don't want.. it's a very slow and inefficient way to do it.. I'm about to pull my hair out


      I know I'm not the only one needing to do this so there must be a better way.


      Premiere elements 12... I'm assuming I need help with the organizer.


      Help me please!