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    Flash Player in IE9 using  VISTA

    Jack Russel

      Hi , I am running IE9 running VISTA 32


      I recently ugraded my Flash player to the latest version   and now I am having problems.


      When I upgraded to the latest Flash player ,  it does not work after i reboot my PC .  I have to keep downloading and resinstalling Flash Player every time I reboot my PC.


      I have followed all the tips in the IE installtion pag with no luck . I have also run full scans , unistalled Flash and reinstalled many times.

      Used reg cleaners , reset IE9 to default ,  Installed older version of Flash .


      After trying all these steps I still can not get Flah Player to work  after I reboot my PC 


      When I look at my add on in IE after I reboot the PC it says that the Plublisher for Fl;ash is unavalible ?


      Could any body help