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    How to order some pages ? (new link to share)

    phil74801 Level 1

      Hi everybody.


      I created an order form for business cards in french and in english. The user fills in the form. Two cards appear showing the layout and two others are hidden. We used the latter to print. So far, everything is alright.

      But I encounter 2 problems when I have many pages.


      - When there are several pages, I have to type the password (000) after each one. I prefer to enter the password after the last page and all business cards should appear.


      - the cards to be intended for printing appear in an alphabetical order (all english cards and all french cards). I prefer getting them ordered by name or by page (page 1 english-french, page2 english-french,...).


      Here is the link to download my file : https://workspaces.acrobat.com/?d=8tMyUorq9gItlFUHxyFjvA


      I hope I have been clear


      Many thanks for your help.