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    Pop up Glossary re-visited

    Opera Rat
      I have chaged the way my glossary funtions so that I am only using 1 frame in the glossary movie. The hyperlinks within the glossary just change the sprite member. But how do I tell the glossary to pop open to the correct member when the hyperlink is clicked from another movie.

      I had my glossary set up with marker for different words. Now, as I said it is by member. So I need to get the hyperlink data and use it to set the sprite member in the MIAW. The following does not do this yet. I need help with the bold line. Thanks.

      on hyperlinkClicked me, data

      aWindow = window().new("glossary")
      aWindow.filename = "glossary"
      tRect = aWindow.sourceRect
      cLoc = _mouse.clickLoc
      tRect = tRect.offset(cLoc[1] - 180, cLoc[2] + 150)
      aWindow.rect = tRect
      aWindow.channel(3).member (data)