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    new to as, trying smooth movment and fade

      i am, of course new to as, and i have read most of the tuts online, and most seem to involve elements i don't know how to remove. I have a rectangular header with an area for a group of 10 or so images. I want to be able to take each image, slowly scroll it from left to right, and when it's about to leave the frame, fade out to another image underneath doing the same thing. i would like it to loop afterthat...for a total of about a 2 or 3 minute total before starting over.

      it seems i just need to create an as entry for each mc to make it move then fade, then at the last mc i would make it start back again...but i don't fully understand i guess...i suppose it would make sense that i need as on the scene itself to make it restart, but again, i am lost. i will be on for awhile, so if i didn't explain fully, i will revise, and i appreciate the help in advance.