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    Best way to implement ADE in a Corporate library




      I would like to set a policy for ebooks with DRM at my firm's library. I would like the purchased e-books to be accessible from a library's PC plus from the personal devices of a selected list of employees. My problem is that i would like to achieve this goal without having to create a new Adobe ID for every six devices I connect, or resetting them once reached this limit.


      I was wondering if anybody already did something similar or if there is any kind of "Corporate" version of ADE that is more suitable for my needs (i would need sort of a book-based authorization process instead of an ID-based one, in order to keep a single ID for the library).





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          Dominic Michael Adobe Employee

          I guess you are looking for PASSHASH System.


          This pass-hash system is a new option beyond the “identity based” system that was already supported with the use of an Adobe ID account to authorize a limited number of devices. This pass-hash system embeds an encrypted (or “hashed”) version of a user name and/or password into the ebook file. Any user who receives a copy of the file and knows the username and password associated with the item can read the eBook. Adobe calls this a form of “Social DRM” because the eBook and password info can be shared with others and is not limited to a specific number of authorized devices. (Note that the release of this system does not imply a change to the concurrent device limit used in the more popular identity based DRM option.)


          For more informarion, please refer to http://www.adobe.com/mena_fr/devnet/digitalpublishing/articles/barnes_ noble_faq.html