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    Adjust tool bar in Flash CS6




      I would like to adjust my tool bar to have the smooth and straighten tools in it. Right now I have to access them manually through the modify section, and it is very VERY tedious. There is also no CTRL short cuts for the options either.


      Please let me know as soon as you can how to fix this problem!



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          are you looking for shortcuts to the smooth/straighten commands with the pencil tool?

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            Mohanaraj Adobe Employee


            The Smooth and Straighten options should be available at the bottom of the Tools panel when you select a shape using Selection tool. The tool options will not be visible at low screen resolutions in which case you can try incresing the width of the Tools panel to view these options or undock the Tools panel to view all the options in Tools panel

            You may also want to assign keyboard shortcut to these options on Windows via Edit>Keyboard Shortcuts...

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            Modify>Shape>Smooth or Straighten>click on + button and hold down your desired short cut keys and click OK



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