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    Banner with click thru generate "0" on the end of URL




      I have made banner with click thru for counting clicks. But the servis of the serever, where I want to put the banner, still giving me back, because the url whitch they set on it generate on the end "0", so it doesnt work. (for example www.adress.com/0 )


      I checked all the layers, and only script whitch I have there is the click thru, nothing more. I'am not flash expert, but I made some similer banners before and there were no troubles.


      The click thru look like this:


      on (release) {

      if (_root.clickthru==undefined && _root.clickTag) {

      _root.clickthru = _root.clickTag;


      if (_root.clickthru==undefined && _root.clickTAG) {

      _root.clickthru = _root.clickTAG;


      if ( _root.clickTarget ==undefined) {

      _root.clickTarget = "_top";


      getURL(_root.clickthru, _root.clickTarget);




      Please, do you have some idea, where can be the trouble? I think, it must be on the server owner side, but I really don't know.

      Thanks, Jakub.