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    Master pages strange misalignment baffle help please

    Trinity3 Level 1



      I've just come up with a really bizzare master page misalignment issue and I am really baffled. I am sure that it's something simple that I just can't see!


      I'd like the master page text 'Trinity's Conscious Kitchen' centred at the bottom of all pages... BUT it appears centred on some pages and randomly off centre on others.

      This is an example of how I'd like it (properly aligned bottom - centre)

      Properly aligned.jpg


      And this is the rather strange randomly un-centred page. This happens throughout the whole book of about 150 pages - some are centred and some are not.Misaligned master page item.jpg


      I'd really appreciate any support and insight on this one.


      I am using the lastest version of Indesign CC.