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    Two active subscriptions, InDesign do not work


      Hi Adobe users,


      Last year I had an issue with my credit card, my bank and Adobe. In the end my Adobe Cloud subscription was Inactive. No matter how much I tried ti get in touch with the real Adobe's people to solve it I could not pass the simple operators that constantly provided me with a phone number that was useless. In the end I made a new subscription to Adobe CC. Now, on my acount I have two active subscriptions:


      two subscriptions.PNG


      That would not be a problem as far as I am paying only for one.


      My eal issue comes with the fact that so far the Adobe was perfectly working on my MAC on both partitions: Apple and Windows. After that issue the Adobe CC on Windows is not working though:


      1. Lets me update CC Desktop application and any Adobe software installed.

      2. When I try to open any application is keeps asking me to Sign In. Then it thanks me for Signing In and then it starts all over again, asking me to Sign In, thanking me for that, etc., etc,. etc.


      thank you.PNG


      After thaning me, it is asking me again to Sign in.


      still asking.PNG

      In the end, how do I make it stop and start working properly, so I can use InDesign on Windows partition.


      Any help is appreciate it.


      Warm regards,