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    Alt text is intermittent.

    Zeno P.

      In the Object Attributes of the Anchored Frame pod in Framemaker, the comments are intact.  When the PDF is generated, some (but not all) of these comments appear.  Help.

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          Jeff_Coatsworth Rockstar

          Is there something different about the places where it doesn’t appear?

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            Arnis Gubins Ninja

            Which version of FM? Are you fully patched for your version?


            Does this happen in a PDF generated from an FM book? Are the comments that don't appear all in the same or specific FM files or is it randomly mixed within the same file(s)?

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              Zeno P. Newcomer

              No differences that I can find: same template, tags, formatting, etc.  Sometimes deleting and recreating the anchored frame will fix the issue, though in large documents this workaround is cumbersome and irritating. 

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                Zeno P. Newcomer

                Adobe Framemaker 11 version  It says all Adobe products are up to date.  Yes, the PDF is generated from a book.  Though this has happened with more than one book.  The vanishing comments recur within the same FM file but are not limited to a single file.  It can happen in multiple files within the same book.  I should also add that regenerating the PDF changes nothing: the comments that were missing continue to be missing, the comments that were intact continue to be intact.  Moreover i am not the only one here who has this issue.  There are six of us and we all run into it periodically.  We would be most grateful for any ideas.

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                  Arnis Gubins Ninja



                  When you're creating the PDF from FM, what joboptions are selected and are you using the RGB or CMYK mode for creating the PDF (assuming SaveAsPDF route)?


                  For any file where the alt-text comments disappear, does this also happen if you create the PDF from that file alone?

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                    Zeno P. Newcomer

                    I was mistaken.  The tags at the frame insertion points were not all the same, and coincidentally some of the tags were missing from "Include Paragraphs" window on the Tags tab.  Easy fix and now I feel stupid.  Thanks all for the help.