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    Rollover Issue




      I have some buttons with rollover working. When you "Mouse Over" the button plays form a label "Over" and when "Mouse Leave" the button plays from label "Out".

      The issue is that if I move the mouse very quickly over and out, the button stays on the last frame of "Over" and does not go back to the "Out" state.


      Here is the link: http://ronvegafitness.com/2014/index.html


      Thanks for your help

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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, santonicolor-


          Just a couple of notes here.  You'll probably want to use mouseenter instead of mouseover, as the mouseover event will fire when you move the mouse.  The other thing is that moving the mouseleave event not firing if the mouse moves too quickly is a known issue both mouseout and mouseleave; these are respectively JavaScript and jQuery APIs that we reference and do not control their behavior.


          Hope that helps,



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            santonicolor Level 1


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              Zaxist Level 4

              you should have all four actions : mouseenter, mouseleave, mouseover, mouseout to prevent this problem from happening


              write what you have on mouseover into mouseenter and write what you have on mouseout into mouseleave


              then you can see your problem is gone



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                santonicolor Level 1



                Thanks for your suggestion, it's working now. But I also had to change the way I had the actions. At first, I had the "mouse" action applied to the time line of the buttons. This action were playing from different labels depending on the mouse state. Then I had the buttons animated on the stage with the click action applied. That did not work properly even when adding the four mouse actions. Now that I have apply the mouse actions on the stage with the getSymbol fucntion, everything works fine.


                Here is how I have it working:


                1.Each button has animation for the rollover effect but no "mouse" action applied in the timeline. Only a stop action at the beginning and end of the timeline.

                2.At the stage each button is animated with this action for the "mouseenter" and "mouseover": sym.getSymbol('TrainingButton').play();

                3. This action applied to the "mouseleave" and "mouseout": sym.getSymbol("TrainingButton").playReverse();

                4. Then the click action, in this case: window.open("http://www.ronvegafitness.com/2014/training", "_parent");


                I'm publishing the animation and importing it in Muse.


                Thanks for your help!