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    Cross-Platform Compatibility?

    toxictool Level 1

      I work within a studio that is a 95% mac environment. The primary applications installed are the CS6 Design Premium however for my question, I'm more concerned about Photoshop's cross-platform compatibility. We are considering the idea of switching our Retouchers (who use Photoshop all day) to a PC environment for a workflow compatibility with another department (all PC environment).


      I realize the operation and feel of Mac vs. PC are like apples to oranges here, but my primary concern is compatibility. Will there be some deterrent from having a mixed environment? We can not invest large amounts and come to find out it is not feasible. Does anyone in the forum have experience with a cross-platform environment and what kind of hurdles there are? We are currently utilizing CS6 but I would like to know if I will run against any issues moving to Creative Cloud as well. We will be upgrading mid 2014 and don't want to have issues later.


      A few questions off the top of my head:

      Any issues with color calibrations/profiles?

      Obviously font conflicts as PS can't be read on a PC, but any other font related compatibility issues?

      Miss matched plug-ins?

      Preference differences causing shifting?


      Missing features or functions?

      Server (afp vs smb) or disk (Extended vs NTFS) mounting?

      Large file formats (PSB, etc.)?


      And if we have time left over, any other incompatibilities you know of with the other software in the Design Premium suite? The other supporting applications much, but they might open vector art in Illustrator to bring into Photoshop or open InDesign to view a layout they are retouching for.


      I did a search but didn't find anything on this particular topic. I apologize if this isn't the right location or venue, please direct me to the proper locations if incorrect. Articles, Links, opinion, expert advise is much appreciated.