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    How do i make my output compatible with advertising standards?




      This is my first time posting in these forums - apologies for any mistakes (spelling and/or other).


      I'm looking into Adobe Edge as a potential new tool for creating web-banners for advertising. I'm more of a designer than a coder, but i have some experience coding in Action Script (flash).


      The challenge for me is generating a project that complies with the strict advertising standards found here:




      I have listed the points that worry me the most here:





      I have little or no prior experience working with CSS and Javascript, so i'm not really sure what i'm doing, but i have (with a little help) tried a few things.


      The first example is just the raw export of a project with a few simple (and quite ugly) animations. I'm assuming that this is incompatible with the demands listed above.


      Project files:



      In the next example I've created a project where I've put a "stop" action on the first frame and an "onClick" > "sym.play("rotate");" action on the image. "rotate" is a refferance to a frame label later in the same timeline (Click the image to start the (even more ugly) animation created in the Edge timeline).

      Then i wrote some CSS-animations (horribly ugly) directly in the auto-generated HTML-file.

      Will this be enough to get me around the requirement of "no javascript animations prior to user interaction"?


      Project files:



      The thing is that i would prefer a workflow where i can do as much as possible within Edge Animate, but if the second example above is in compliance with the requirements, then that's not so bad. Guess i can learn some CSS.


      Some thoughts/questions:

      Is it possible that Edge outputs some CSS animations embedded in .js files, and would the people/systems where the advertising is hosted recognise the animations as one type or the other? If so: Can you restrict Edge Animate to use only css animations or is there a way to know what is "safe" (CSS) to use before user interaction and what is not (JavaScript)?

      Are there templates and/or plugins that can help with any of this?



      Any help would be greatly appreciated!