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    Scripting  bug in the background?




      A few weeks ago I read a post by Alan_AEDScripts about Killing windows (palettes) and  that

      seems to be true. I´ve  been testing some scripts and  I found that Functions are also keept in memory even after the function ends


      This is a simple window (dialog) tester  with 10 buttons.


      function dummyWin(){


          var win = new Window("dialog","Dummy Window",undefined);

          for(var i = 0 ; i < 10;i++ ){


              win.children[i].onClick = function(){win.close();}










      Before I run it After Effects memory allocated is



      and  after I run tester script 20 times After effects memory increases in almost 3 megs.This is more visible with windows that has more features and have to be open and close a lot of times.




      It seems to be that the same thig happens with ScriptUI Panels


      I have a more complex script that when a I run it it increases  almost 2 megs to the memory allocated by AE  every time I run it .I tried  a lot things but unfortunately memory keeps increasisng  


      Maybe I am the only one who is experiencing this issue.if not this is serius bug that

      should be solved right away.


      All tests were done in AE CC. Please give it try


      Sorry for my English