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    Frames in Edge versus Flash


      I have the trial version of Edge and have been learning it's basics. I developed a website originally in Flash. In Flash I could put different graphics, buttons, etc. in different keyframes any where along the timeline. I would then create buttons to navigate between those different content-containing keyframes. Am I correct that you can't do that with Edge? Instead in Edge it seems that EVERYTHING goes at the timeline position of 0.0 and then to navigate within a particular Edge html file you merely change the VISIBILITY of the different items, e.g. graphics, buttons, etc. along the timeline. In other words, in Edge you can't put different content in different positions along the timeline - you can only change the properties of the content at different positions along the timeline. Is that correct?

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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Not really.

          • You can use symbols like in Flash
          • You can use display on, off on any timeline
          • You can call or create symbols and play them when needed.


          Check out my tutorial on scope here:



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            SimonDBench Level 1

            Just a pointer Edge doesn't use frames as it's all time based.  You're correct though, if you place something on the stage it will exist from 0s and you will need control the display of the symbol to hide it. So if you have a symbol that is made visible at 2s you will still be able to access that symbol at 0s.  Word of warning, watch out when using autoplay as a hidden symbol will still play its timeline.



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