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    Accessing saved data forms?


      Is there anyway to retrieve a saved data form, after the expiration date?

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          Eman Fu Adobe Employee

          If you cannot retrieve the form data anymore with the data link sent to your email, your data has already been deleted from the system. If the data is really important to you, please email me (emanfu@adobe.com) your data link (NEVER post your data link in a public place since anyone will be able to retrieve your data if it is recovered). I can try to find your data in our server log, but it is not guaranteed.




          Eman Fu

          Senior Computer Scientist

          Adobe Systems Incorporated

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            If the user made an error in the mail address and closes the form (it happened to me once when I was testing) the data is lost. Is there a way (or workaround for admins) to see the saved forms?

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              I'd also really like to see the answer to this question.


              Is there a way (directly in the interface or indirectly by contacting Adobe) to be able to find any saved form responses that are still valid but the link has been lost?